Here is a list of the officers in case you have any questions for them. If you want to contact someone specifically, click on their name to send them an email.

If there is not a name filling a position in the list below, that most likely means that the position is open for applications. If you would like to apply, please email

Executive Board

Lily Vo

My name is Lily Vo and I am absolutely honored to be elected your President for the 2014-2015 year. As my fourth year on the executive and appointed board, I want to end my final year in Key Club on a good note, ready to serve you all and privileged to work with extremely talented executive board members. President or not, I'm still that crazy little secretary trying to humor you behind her computer screen. But more importantly, I'm still and will always be that silly Key Club member attending volunteer events and accumulating community service hours just like all of you. Being secretary for the 2013-2014 term opened my eyes to the beauty of the club and made me truly realize how passionate and dedicated I am to all things Key Club. Interacting and collaborating with the bright, inspirational members of this particular club is what truly motivates me to serve you as your next leader and continuously drives me to wake up at 5 in the morning to serve my home, school, and community. I am nervous to take on such a large responsibility and move one giant step further in my Key Club career. However, I strive to never let you all down and am undeniably excited to serve as your next president.

Shaoxiong Liu
Vice President

It's Shaoxiong Liu writing to you here. I am super hard working and will complete an tasks that are delegated to me. For instance, I, Shaoxiong Liu, am writing you this biography with my own, Shaoxiong Liu's, hand. Shaoxiong Liu is me. Shaoxiong Liu, which I am, is your vice-president to the Key Club of Westview but to be realistic here, I’m the club's bus driver. I do it for free because I swim in money; I was the club's treasurer last year after all. Lily is the best.

Brandon Zhang

Hey Red Bulls! My name is Brandon Zhang and I will be serving as your 2014-2015 secretary. I've been a part of Key Club since freshman year and also served as the General Assistant. Through the years, I've developed a passion for volunteering because nothing feels better than knowing that you have done something to build your own community. Outside of Key Club, I enjoy swimming, playing the piano, and eating. This year, thanks to the amazing new hour system, I hope to always keep your hours in check. I will make sure to update ASAP after every event because I know that all of you work extremely hard so you all deserve to know your exact hours at all times. If you ever happen to find a mistake, feel free to message me or fill out a complaint form and I'll be more than happy to fix it.

Finally, make sure to set a goal for yourself, whether it be 20 hours or 200 hours. As long as you have something in mind and work hard for it, I am confident that you will be able to achieve that goal. As always, I look forward to another great year!

Luqmaan Bokhary

Hey Key Clubbers! I'm Luqmaan Bokhary and I am your 2014-2015 Treasurer. I've been a dedicated Key Clubber starting my freshman year; attending many events and holding the position of Freshman Director. I'm super excited to be elected into the executive board and to share another year with all of you amazing people! I'm also looking forward to all the volunteering events that will come this year. Volunteering has always had a great impact in my life and can be very fun and rewarding too! Aside from Key Club, I like to bike ride, swim, and sleep when I get the chance. If any of you have any questions, I'm always connected so feel free to text, facebook message, shout, or telegraph me and I'll be glad to answer!

Alec Chen
Bulletin Editor

Hey guys! My name is Alec Chen and I'll be your 2014-2015 Key Club Bulletin Editor. My job is to keep members updated with the most recent news by sending a newsletter out every month. I hope to improve Key Club and make it one of the best clubs on campus by working with my fellow officers to improve activity inside and outside of the club. My goal for this year is for all of you to become more devoted and active members, and also helping people understand the value of giving back to the community. If you guys need to contact me, contact me on facebook or send me an email. I'll be more than glad to take suggestions on the newsletter!